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Gear and Clothing Care

Gear and Clothing Care

GORE-TEX® Textile Jacket or Trousers  Machine wash your Jacket or Trouser's on a 30-40°C  Gentle wash with a non biological washing powder,  make sure there is no fabric conditioner in the powder as this can affect the ability of the jacket to be waterproof. Rinse thoroughly. Put only one jacket at a time in the machine. And remove all the padded protectors before washing. Iron the Jacket or Trouser's at a low temperature, being very careful not to iron over the reflective areas on the Jacket or Trouser's as this could damage them.  Tumble dry at low temperature (max 50°C) one item at a time.The ironing and use of the Tumble dryer helps to reactivate the DWR coating that is on the  GORE-TEX®.

 DWR (durable water repellent) is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant (or hydrophobic). Most factory-applied treatments are fluropolymer based. Durable water repellents are commonly used in conjunction with waterproof  breathable fabric  such as Gore-tex to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. This saturation, called 'wetting out,' can reduce the garment's breathability (moisture transport through the breathable membrane) and let water through. As the DWR wears off over time, re-treatment is recommended when necessary. Many spray-on and wash-in products for treatment of non-waterproof garments and re-treatment of proofed garments losing their water-repellency are available from motorbike clothing shop's or outdoor clothing shop's.. 

 Care for Leather Jacket's  Leather is an animal skin and needs looking after very much like our own skin which need oil's and moisture to keep it in good condition, animals are constantly producing oils to keep there skin supple and in good condition, so we need to mimic this procedure to keep our leather jacket's or trousers in tip top condition.Gently Scrub of any road grime or dried on flies / insect's etc with a rough damp towel.Wipe all over the jacket with Baby wipes. Because of there definition they are designed not to degrade the jacket in any way, but as they have a small amount of oil impregnated into them this helps to feed the leather and keep it in a good condition,  also keep the leather supple. Once you have wiped all over the jacket or trouser's with Baby wipes,  you need to lightly polish the jacket or trousers with a soft absorbent cloth.

 Suede Leather What  you need is a finger nail brush or such like, with bristles on it very much like a tooth brush, and gently brush the jacket, if there are any areas that need extra cleaning gently rub them with a Baby wipe,  wait until the area is dry and then brush the area with your brush.

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